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Biblical Seminary is known as the missional seminary and I am rather protective of this reputation. It seems that everyone is now missional. An ever increasing number of seminaries, church-planting organizations, missionary agencies and churches, have now appropriated the term. Led largely by younger leaders, evangelicals have moved from suspicion to celebration of the missional turn. We are gratified that others have embraced the missional imperative, but we must not allow it to become a mere buzz-word or the latest Christian fad.

It is important to understand that missional is not a static proposition; rather it is a dynamic way of living the gospel in a culturally complex world. Missional requires a humble recognition of our own finitude and fallenness; it is a quiet confidence in the redemptive power of the mission-Giver; and it is always authentic and generous as it engages this muddled world. The missional mindset changes everything.

At Biblical Seminary our faculty and staff understand that missional impacts every aspect of our institution. Our innovative curriculum is geared specifically to prepare women and men to engage our postmodern culture. To be missional means that we love the Bible and are committed to reading it with a penetrating honesty and with an ear to what it teaches about urban ministry, poverty, social justice, sex-trafficking, child abuse, sexuality and violence against women. For us the missional outlook extends to every quarter of the globe and requires greater sensitivity to the resident cultural complexities and a commitment to work within such complexities.

To be missional takes courage. We invite you to join us on the missional journey as we Follow Jesus into the World.

Semper Reformanda (always reforming)

Frank A. James III, DPhil, PhD

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