Certificate in Urban Missional Studies

Urban is not a place. It's a culture.

The landscape of the church and the community is changing. God is not first in the lives of most people and getting believers to participate in the life of the church is a current struggle.

In most communities teenage pregnancy, school dropout rates, crime, illiteracy, and unemployment are all rampant.

Biblical Seminary and its urban church leaders are concerned about these issues and so have developed the online certificate in urban missional studies. This certificate is designed to equip church leaders in an urban context with knowledge and application to strengthen one’s character, clarify one’s community, and be equipped to bring comfort to the community as it deals with issues of social injustice.

Who should complete the online certificate?

At Biblical we know that there are some who cannot financially afford or stop their life in order to go to seminary. But we do know that people need serious training to deal with the complexities of doing ministry in an urban context. We also recognize that there are students already in seminary that are in need of culturally sensitive training for the urban context they desire to or currently serve in.

What classes are part of the program?

The Certificate in Urban Missional Studies includes the following three classes:

Certificate in Urban Missional Studies Curriculum

Exegeting Your City - 3 Credits

Exegeting Your City is a course where the student is expected to engage their own community of ministry and interpret the hurts, needs, wants, and changes that are present. The student will then learn what it means to address these issues and apply their critical interpretation of scripture in an effort to see true kingdom transformation. This course will also aid the student in closing the gap between the study of scripture and the study of one’s context.

Urban Missional Leadership - 3 Credits

The violence, abuse, and other devastating problems facing many cities today leave families broken and without hope. Solutions exist within the local church among its laity and leadership to help aid in the transformation of these communities and can be discovered through using a missional perspective. This course is designed to equip the student to do a thorough self-assessment of his or her leadership style and identify areas of strength to maximize, and areas of weakness to address and correct. The foundation of the assessment will be based on an understanding of the nature and function of the urban missional leadership needed to bring relief and restoration to the church’s ministry context.

Justice and Mercy - 3 Credits

Mercy ministry is a vital part of the church’s mission and justice is an essential category for the church’s theological agenda. This course will provide an understanding of mercy ministry and community development from a theological and sociological perspective. Through this course the student will grow in both understanding and praxis of these important and urgent matters for the church. Demography as an applied science will assist the student in understanding the issues facing many people groups in urban centers. This research will also uncover personal and systemic causes that bring about pain and suffering.

Total Required Credits - 9

To earn the certificate, students must complete twelve credit hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.0


Our admissions department is always available to assist you and answer any question that you might have regarding our programs and the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Convert Online Urban Certificate Courses to Graduate Credits at Biblical?

Students who complete all requirements of courses offered in the online certificate in Urban Missional Studies have two options: to register for 3 credits at the start of each course at the standard tuition rate or to register for credits redeemable at a later date at the $500 per course rate. Credits can be used toward a degree at Biblical or at another institution (check with the institution before converting your courses). A tuition differential applies to courses for conversion. Complete and submit to Biblical Seminary the Credit Conversion Form along with an official undergraduate transcript.

What is required to convert courses to accredited credits through Biblical Seminary?

The following conditions will need to be met:

  • Have earned a Bachelor’s degree before the course was completed (transcript required).
  • Have earned grade B or higher in the urban missional studies course.
  • Submit the Credit Conversion form to the seminary along with official undergraduate transcript.
  • Biblical will notify you of your transfer acceptance and bill you the tuition differential.

Which of the Urban missional studies courses can be converted?

Any course that was completed with a grade of B or higher may be converted.

How much does converting a course cost?

Beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year, ythe cost will be $320 per credit you want converted to Biblical accredited credits.

How long until a decision is made regarding coverting credits?

A decision will be made within one week of receiving a student’s Credit Conversion Form and transcripts.

Biblical's Certificate Program Goals
  • Live grace-based missional lives increasingly characterized by the fruit of the Spirit, and love for God and others.
  • Demonstrate effective missional leadership based on biblical values and individual gifting, personality, call, context, and relational skills.
  • Critically, constructively, and creatively engage our postmodern culture with the hope of the gospel.

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