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BTS Launches First Chinese Student Fellowship

Chinese Students

The first gathering of BTS Chinese students took place October 27 at a luncheon held in the student lounge at the BTS main campus.

BTS faculty and staff participating were seminary president Dr. Frank James, VP for Student Advancement Pam Smith, our assistant professor of intercultural studies Dr. Chang Hoon Oh, and our student worker/coordinator for our international students E. K. Park

Seven of our current eight Chinese students attended the event: Jeremy Chen, Xing Lan, Peter Li, Wei Peng, Junfeng Shen, Xiaobo Wei, and Yiya Yin.

Dr. Oh facilitated each person sharing his or her story and about their ministry during which several existing connections were discovered. The group also gave wise counsel to the administration about both how to, as well as how not to, expand our Chinese church contacts.

Plans include more gatherings for fellowship and prayer and extended the group to alums.


Chairman of BTS partner school Kosin University Speaks at BTS

Dr. Young Ahn Kang, Chairman of the Board of Kosin University, a BTS partner school in Korea, spoke at the BTS chapel to 55 Korean students and local pastors from 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M on November 3, 2015.

In addition to leading the board at the BTS partner school, Dr. Kang also serves the ‘Christian Ethics Movement of Korea’ as a co-president.

Dr. Kang’s message to those gathered presented three challenges Korean churches face.

Pictured at a local Korean restaurant for the post-event discussion are Pam Smith, VP for Student Advancement, Dr. Frank James, President of BTS, Dr. Todd Mangum, Dean of the BTS Faculty. (not pictured next to Dr. Mangum are the director of our international programs Dr. Chang Hoon Oh and his assistant Ikhuey Park.)

Facing them are our Korean Student Fellowship President Jin Hyung Kim, Pastor Steve Park of Jubilee Church, Dr. Kang, and the director of the BTS DMin program, Dr. Kyuboem Lee.


MA in Counseling Program Cohort Draws 30

BTS Cohort Counseling

The BTS Graduate School of Counseling invited 30 students into Cohort 11 to begin their journey following Jesus into the world as well-equipped counselors.

This exciting group of students will build lifelong relationships with each other as they engage together in learning to read the Bible with an ear to what it teaches about difficult issues facing the world today. They will be equipped to help the hurting as only graduates of the BTS programs can do.

The energy level of the group assembled for the first class on Monday, September 14 was palpable. Several of the students travel two to three hours to be a part of the BTS counseling program.

In additional to the cohort students, a number of students in our Certificate in Christian Counseling and our Certificate in Advanced Professional Counseling will be joining in on classes. The certificate courses are ones that add essential counseling skills that can be used to serve the church and in professional settings.

For more on the full range of offerings in the Graduate School of Counseling, click HERE.


Former BTS Volunteer shares story about the film “My Father’s Vietnam”

Margie Belford served BTS as a volunteer in our business office. With permission, she shares her connection with the new documentary My Father’s Vietnam which is an official selection of the Connecticut Film Festival, the Red Dirt International Film Festival, and the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

“My husband, Glenn Rickert, Sr. was killed in Viet Nam in May 1970 and we had a son, then less than 1-1/2 years old, named Glenn Jr. When Glenn was 15 he was approached about being part of the Grand Marshall unit when the Vietnam Memorial plaque was dedicated at the Doylestown courthouse, since we were living in Sellersville, Bucks County, when his father was killed.

At that point Glenn Jr. claimed a real pride in carrying his father's name. When Glenn was a young man out of college, he started to visit The Wall each Memorial Day. He posted comments and photos of his father on the "Virtual Wall" along with his email for anyone to contact him.

Quite a few years ago, Soren Sorenson (the producer of the video) contacted him saying that his father knew Glenn's father and he would like to meet with him. He and Glenn met and talked; he told Glenn that when he was 18 his father took him to The Wall and cried when he saw Glenn's name there as well as the name of another of his father’s friends. Soren told him that he wanted to produce a documentary honoring his father and the two men his father knew who lost their lives in Vietnam.

Soren studied music and film making and had a good friend who was a professional camera man who had already done documentaries and who encouraged him. Soren then asked Glenn if he thought I would be willing to be interviewed.

After a lot of prayer I agreed and eventually he and his camera man came to interview me several years ago. As he worked on editing it, he would send to those of us who were interviewed footage for our comments and acceptance. Last August the video was featured at a Film Festival in Rhode Island and it won acclaim, and was subsequently featured at two other Film Festivals within the past two months.

I'm still a little numb whenever I view it. On the clip, the soldier holding the baby is my husband (he was starting adoption procedures for the little girl named Lan, but that fell through when he was killed). The wedding photo is of us, along with other photos of Glenn shown in the clip.

I’m not sure where this all is going, but Glenn Jr. and I are thankful that his father was honored in this way. During the war itself, there was so much turmoil and our soldiers were not honored for their sacrifice at that time like they should have been. It has been healing for all of us.”

Join us on Facebook and post an honoring message for those lost in Vietnam.


BTS Board Member’s Biography Released – First Stop: Korea

BTS Board of Trustees member Timothy Haahs is President and CEO of the recognized leader in parking, planning, and design. His newly released biography “P31” stands for Proverbs 31 where under his leadership the company derived the mission statement, core values, and management philosophy.

Tim Haahs Book P31

After its release in May of 2015, P31 remains as the number one selling book in Korea.

Recently Tim Haahs traveled to Korea to speak at CBMC where 3,000 business people came together for a three-day conference. God is doing something about business and ministry.

President Frank James Endoreses P31

What kind of man has two doors in his office—one to his church, the other to his business? What kind of man survives not one but two heart transplants and thanks God? What kind of man takes Proverbs 31 as the core vision of his company and includes it in new employee orientation? What kind of man creates a company that clients want to join because it will make them a better person? What kind of man encourages his employees to serve their communities by participating in a charitable organization?

Tim Haahs is that kind of man. He is the kind of man who seeks to live out the Gospel in his personal and professional life. The fact of the matter is that he cannot separate his calling as a Christian from his calling as a businessman. Tim’s remarkable career demonstrates that one can serve God faithfully as a businessman.

In many respects, this is a book of miracles. It is a book of how God has blessed the personal and professional life of Tim Haahs. There is much to learn from a man who has not only survived two heart transplants but prospered. Indeed, this is the story of Tim’s two hearts—his heart for God and his heart for people. I commend this book—this man’s life story—not only as a Christian testimony but as a wise guide to life.

Frank A. James III, Ph.D., DPhil - President, Biblical Theological Seminary

Tim Haahs Book P31

LEAD Cohort “All 4 Him” Holds 10 year Reunion

BTS LEAD Reunion
Top row (from left to right): Cohort President, Phil Rosenberger, Scott Carter, Dave Lewis; bottom row: Todd Mangum, Steve High, Tim Schmoyer.

The LEAD Cohort Class of 2005 got a head start on the upcoming October 3 Alum Reunion by gathering of 5 of the 18 cohort members along with invited guest Dr. Todd Mangum to celebrate 10 years since graduation.

The full Alum Reunion for all Biblical Seminary graduates takes place on Saturday, October 3. If you did not receive your invitation, contact the seminary.

Our admissions department is always available to assist you and answer any question that you might have regarding our programs and the application process.

BTS Adjunct Professor Contributes to Patheos

Carolyn Custis James

Carolyn Custis James, adjunct professor at BTS, accepted the invitation by Patheos to contribute to a series of essays on “Evangelicalism: The Future of Faith in America. The article is titled: Generational Divide in American Evangelicalism | Millennials will win in the end.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

Carolyn recently taught at BTS on her book, The Gospel of Ruth, with rave reviews from the students. To see more of her insights, visit her blog:


Dave Lamb’s Book Recommended in Leadership Journal

David Lamb God Behaving Badly

The most recent Leadership Journal (summer 2015) article, “Teach the Bloody Bible” recommends 4 books for understanding the hard stories of the Bible—one of the recommended books is one written by our own David T Lamb: God Behaving Badly (p. 49 in the printed version of the article.)

The four recommended books appear on page 5 of the online article. You will need to be a subscriber to access the full article.

Dave’s newest book, Prostitutes and Polygamists: A Look at Love, Old Testament Style
will be available September 1, 2015.


Dr. Frank James teaching in BTS ThM Program

Frank James Biblical Seminary

As yet another reason to apply for Biblical Seminary’s Master of Theology program, seminary president Dr. Frank James will be teaching in our ThM program in the spring term.

His course is titled: Theology and Preaching in the Reformation Tradition and will be held on the main campus in Hatfield, PA each Monday morning, 9 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., from April 18 to June 20, 2016.

Completed applications are due by August 15 join the program this fall term.


Click HERE for more information on our ThM Program


Cohort 21 Returns from Haiti with Compassionate Hearts

The 2016 graduating students in the Urban LEAD Master of Divinity degree program (known as Cohort 21) completed their intercultural trip that is part of their curriculum and found it to be a thought and life changing experience.

Graduating student Robert EC Jones Jr., expressed it this way:

We had a rich cultural experience. But one thing that was most evident: It doesn't matter where you travel-- be it in the city of Port au-Prince, an outer laying small town, or pass through a village...the story is the same. Haitian people are in great need. They live in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that crumbled the island in 2010. Yet today, they struggle with recovery and still lack so many of the basic necessities that we have, enjoy, and take for granted in the United States. But, despite what they don't have many Haitian people live in appreciation for what they do have while sharing a commonality of life from day to day. As I reflect on our missions trip, I recognize that just giving handouts are not the solution to the problems in Haiti. Although different individual groups and organizations provide various kinds of aid to Haiti, the country needs a more compassionate world to come alongside them in genuineness of heart to help them meet their needs in a holistic way. This can begin with me.


Click HERE to learn more about our dynamic Urban LEAD MDiv Program.


Pictures from Haiti

Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti Cohort trip to Haiti

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