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Leadercast Returns to the Hatfield Campus May 8, 2015

Leadercast 2015

Leadercast Returns in 2015

Leadercast exists to positively change the way the world thinks about leadership. This year’s theme - The Brave Ones - challenges leaders to focus on the courage necessary to lead. Experience Leadercast Live and discover what it means to be a leader worth following. Join us

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Counseling Fieldwork Expo on Main Campus: Nov 1

Counseling Fieldwork Expo

Dr. Dan Williams to speak at the Center for Urban Theological Studies

BTS MDiv and DMin alum Rev. Dr. Dan Williams is the Tuesday, September 23 speaker for the CUTS (Center for Urban Theological Studies)2014 Homecoming.


KSF Elects New President...

At the recent Korean Student and Alumni retreat in Connecticut the students elected Sansung Chang as the new Korean Student Fellowship president.

Sansung is pursuing his Master of Divinity degree at BTS. He is a humble servant who serves the Korean United Church of Philadelphia leading worship music.

Also elected as Vice President is student Yong Jung Lee.


Frank James speaks at NY Conference

Frank James from BTS

BTS President Frank James spoke at New Heart Mission Church in Manhasset, New York’s conference for the Missionary Calling of Korean American Churches in New York City.

Pictured below with Frank is BTS alum Reverend Paul Chung who pastors the church. For more on Pastor Chung, click here:

Frank James from BTSFrank James from BTS

Following Jesus to Rwanda: Drs. Langberg and Monroe Lead GTRI Immersion Experience

Global Trauma Recovery

Trauma is the mission field of the 21st century. Trauma disrupts life, dissolves relationships, and hinders faith development wherever it is experienced. As an expression of the Gospel, missional Christians follow Jesus into the world to care for the least of these suffering the effects of trauma.

The Global Trauma Recovery Institute (GTRI) provides high quality continuing educational resources, skills training, and case consultation for mental health clinicians, ministry leaders, and professionals interested in addressing the needs of psychosocial trauma victims around the world.

The first GTRI cohort recently returned from Rwanda. In a country devastated by the genocide in 1994, they witnessed healing and hope—light penetrating darkness (John 1:5). Drs. Langberg and Monroe participated in the birth of the Rwandan Association of Christian Counselors, under the leadership of Baraka Paulette Uwingeneye, a counselor they have invested in for years. They also partnered with the Bible Society of Rwanda to lead a trauma healing conference. The group taught pastors, counselors, nonprofit leaders, representatives from the National University of Rwanda, and Bible Society volunteers on trauma, shame, addictions, suicide, and domestic violence. GTRI students counseled, participated in small group discussions, and provided case consultations to Rwandan counselors and leaders. Drs. Langberg and Monroe also partnered with an Anglican Bishop and provided trauma training to a group of pastors and leaders within that denomination.

The group visited Kigeme Refugee Camp where 18,000 Congolese live, many of whom have experienced significant loss and trauma. After touring the camp, the group met with 30 refugees who are trauma healing facilitators in the camp and heard story after story of healing. "Trauma takes us far away from God... these classes help us to grow closer again. We are standing because of God..." shared one facilitator.

In the words of Carine Toussaint, GTRI graduate and director of global outreach for Stone Hill Church:

We accomplished all we set out to do—encourage, strengthen, and equip those engaged in the hard work of global trauma and recovery. We, as GTRI students, wanted to have an “out of the book” learning experience as to how people cope with trauma and learn to live side-by-side with perpetrators after forgiveness, reconciliation, and mediation takes place. Rwanda gave us all those lessons and more. We had the opportunity to counsel one-on-one and in small groups. I learned from pastors, teachers, and lay counselors on post-traumatic symptoms and treatment. I cried, laughed, danced, and sang with some of the most courageous people I have ever met. I felt the heartbeat of Africa.

Emmanuel’s (General Secretary of the Bible Society of Rwanda) words will stay with me forever: “We thought we were dead or just animals. They called us cockroaches. You came; you sat with us; you listened; you saw us. We remembered that we were alive. We remembered that we were human.”

If you are interested in learning more about the GTRI, visit their website or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Global Trauma Recovery Global Trauma Recovery Global Trauma Recovery

Pam Smith to address Rotary Club

rotary club

Pam Smith, VP for Student Advancement, will be speaking at the July 15 meeting of the Rotary Club of North Penn at the William Penn Inn. She will be sharing some of her most requested business and leadership tools.

Rotary is one of the oldest and largest service organizations in the world. It consists of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian services, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world.

BTS alum Will Liegel has been installed as the new president.


BTS Hosts Symposium on How the Gospel Transforms Gender Dynamics

Dmin Symposium at BTS

BTS’s Doctor of Ministry program recently hosted a symposium led by noted Christian authors Paul Louis Metzger and Carolyn Custis James. The title of the symposium was “Gospel Subversion: How the Gospel Transforms Gender Dynamics in a Fallen World.”

We were delighted at the high level of community interest in this topic. One person travelled from Washington DC to attend. BTS is committed to serving our local community by providing thoughtful engagement on the pressing issues of our day.

In the symposium, the speakers gave presentations related to the nature and design of humankind, particularly as it relates to men and women. Prof. Metzger discussed the impact of American culture on gender relations when men and women are viewed as “consumers” rather than “communers” that belong to the Triune God and to each other. Mrs. James then offered a close reading of Genesis 1-3 and of select portions of the Book of Ruth. She offered fresh insights into gender dynamics in the Old Testament and how Christ has redeemed these fallen dynamics in the New Testament. After the presentations, BTS’s president, Dr. Frank James, facilitated questions between the audience and the speakers.

Due to the great interest in this symposium and the importance of this topic for the American church, BTS is pleased to offer a recording of this symposium to the public.


Frank James Speaks at Bethel Deliverance Church in Wyncote

Frank James at BTS

Dr. Frank James spoke at the Pentecost prayer service at the Bethel Deliverance Church in Wyncote on Saturday, 7 June.

This was a prayer service organized by Dr. Gus Roman with assistance from BTS DMin student, Mike Majors and hosted by Bishop Eric A Lambert, Jr., pastor of Bethel Deliverance Church. The goal was to invite seminary presidents from the Philadelphia area to join together for extended prayer in celebration of Pentecost. Dr. James spoke on the power of prayer.

Also in attendance was Dr. Wilbert Richardson, president of the Center for Urban Theological Studies and Dr. Philip Krey, president of Lutheran Theological Seminary. Dr. James said: "For three hours nearly 200 people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities came together to pray, and pray they did. It was spiritually invigorating to see the passion and intensity of God's people."


Steve Taylor Teaching in Singapore

Steve Taylor Singapore

Steve Taylor will be teaching a ThM course at Singapore Bible College, heading there August 3 and returning to BTS September 3.

The course is entitled Philosophical Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation and will introduce students to the history, important thinkers, main problems, and concepts of Philosophical Hermeneutics (PH) in the Western tradition of thought. Students will also be encouraged to develop a critical appreciation for the relevance and value of this stream of reflection for the interpretation of the Bible.

Steve will be engaging students on the relationship of PH to the categories of General and Special Hermeneutics, (Literary) Critical Theory, and Linguistics and Semeiotics. He will address the first perceptions of the hermeneutical problem and the inception of Special Hermeneutics among the Greeks and the rabbis, early Christians and the Jewish Bible as well as the Renaissance and Reformation and the fragmentation and failure of Special Hermeneutics.


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