BTS Library Policies

Who Can Borrow From our Library?

Anyone is welcome to come and use any of our library items and resources, including our online databases. However, borrowing privileges are reserved for the following groups:

  • BTS Students
  • BTS adjunct and resident faculty
  • BTS staff, trustees, and board members
  • ATLA, SEPTLA, and TCLC affiliates
  • BTS alums and un-enrolled students in good standing
  • Local pastors, chaplains, missionaries, and other leaders in Christian ministry

Please note: licensing restricts remote access to our online databases to only faculty, enrolled students, and staff.

What are the Borrowing Guidelines?

  • BTS Adjunct Faculty, Resident Faculty, and Staff: May borrow unlimited items at a time.
  • BTS students: May borrow up to 25 items at a time;
  • All other patrons listed above may borrow up to 15 items at time.

Local pastors, chaplains, missionaries, and other leaders in Christian ministry need to provide a current photo ID and an official document from their organization designating their position; faculty, staff, and students actively employed or enrolled at an affiliate ATLA, SEPTLA, or TCLC institution need to provide a current photo ID card and a letter of introduction from their institution.

Circulation Period

  • PLEASE NOTE: All circulation materials may be renewed once, and only once, for a time identical to the initial borrowing period.
  • Microfiche, microfilm, periodicals, rare books, reference: May be borrowed until the library closes (up to one day); renewals are not relevant for these items.
  • FOR RESIDENT FACULTY ON-CAMPUS USE ONLY; Periodicals, reference materials: May be borrowed for 1 week (2 weeks with renewal).
  • Course reserves: May be borrowed for 1 week (2 weeks with renewal)
  • All other items: May be borrowed for 6 weeks (12 weeks with renewal)

Overdue Policy

No overdue fine will be charged for an overdue item; you’ll only be charged if you lose or damage an item. However, you will receive email notices regarding an overdue warning and will have one week to return any relevant item(s). After one week, your account will be blocked until all overdue items have been returned.

Recall Policy

Patrons may now request that items already checked out be recalled. The current borrower will have 1 week to return the recalled item, after which it will be treated as an overdue item (see Overdue Policy above). Once the item becomes overdue, the borrowing patron’s account will be blocked until the item is returned.

Email Notices

If you have an active e-mail address on file, the library's database and server will automatically send you the following e-mail notices:

  1. A courtesy notice, sent 1 week prior to the due date, as a reminder of the item that is due.
  2. A reminder notice, sent on the due date.
  3. An overdue notice, sent 1 week after the due date, informing you that your account is blocked until the overdue item is returned.
  4. An overdue notice, sent 4 weeks after the due date, indicating that the overdue item is now designated as lost and missing, and that you will be charged for its replacement accordingly (see Lost and Damaged Items, #2 below)

Please note that these notices are provided as a courtesy. Non-receipt of a courtesy or overdue notice does not exempt you from overdue penalties. Also, we are not responsible if an internet service provider or e-mail client rejects these notices, or if you don't receive them before the due date.

Lost and Damaged Items

For any lost or damaged material, you have two options:

  1. You may buy a replacement copy of the item for the library, which must be exactly the same version of the item as the one you lost/damaged; date of publication, publisher, edition, and ISBN must be identical, and the copy must be in good condition. You'll need to order, purchase, and deliver the item to the library. Once the library has received the item, your account will be unblocked and borrowing privileges restored.
  2. If you can't replace the lost/damaged item with an exact duplicate, you'll be charged the cost of replacing the item, plus a processing fee of $15. Once the library has received payment in full, your account will be unblocked and borrowing privileges restored.

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