Subject Guides

Church Planting

  • Church Starting Network - "The Church Starting Network is an association that strives to join with other Christians and Christian groups to stimulate starting apostolic churches that engage comprehensive evangelism among the peoples of the world, contextual church starting, reproductive church expansion, and healthy church growth and life."
  • For New Churches
  • Church Planting Resources - "Church Planting Resources is a community designed for those who are involved in church planting and running churches. We want to provide free exchange of information to help build the Kingdom and ultimately spread the gospel."
  • Seed Stories - adventures in church planting - "created by church planters for church planters. The site provides stories and articles and interaction on anything and everything to do with church planting and the issues surrounding those adventures."

Counseling & Psychology

MAC 500 - Human Development
MAC 512 - Psychopathology
MAC 522 - Ethics, Diversity, & Cross Cultural issues in Counseling
MAC 602 - Counseling and Physiology
MAC 710 - Borderline Personality Disorder
MAC 803 - Social & Cultural Foundations of Counseling: Part B

Doctor of Ministry

DM 901 - Entering the Missional Conversation
DM 905 - Cultural Engagement

English as a Second Language

ESL 104 - American History and Culture

New Testament

NT 501 - Reading the New Testament Missionally
NT 606 - General Epistles
LEAD 617 - Acts & Paul: Galatians

Old Testament

OT 511 - Biblical Hebrew 2

LEAD 522 - Reading the OT Missionally

LEAD 524 - Prophets Book Study: Jeremiah

Practical Theology

  • Deep Church - Provides a place for academics, practitioners, church historians, theologians and, most importantly, church communities to reflect on a range of issues for which a vibrant contemporary faith requires a careful listening to the past even as we move into the future.
  • Emerging Church - constantly evolving collection of recommended stories and reflections to give a quick picture of what the emerging church is all about.
  • Ginkworld - A resource center for all communities of faith desiring to outreach to this generation of people seeking to heal from life pain, develop authentic friendship with others and a lasting and true loving relationship with God in their lives.
  • The Future Church - offers new visions of hope for the postmodern church.
PT 565 - Church Finance and Administration
PT 675 - The Practice of Generous Orthodoxy: Contemporary Issues in Theology and Ministry
  • Allelon - "our overarching mission is to educate and encourage the church to become a people among whom God can live, as sign, symbol, and foretaste of his redeeming love and grace in their neighborhoods and the whole of society- ordinary women and men endeavoring to participate in God’s mission to reclaim and restore the whole of creation and to bear witness to the world of a new way of being human."
  • The Church and Postmodern Culture: Conversation - "contemporary philosophy...for the the vernacular"
  • Emergent Village - "A growing generative friendship among missional Christian leaders seeking to love our world in the Spirit of Jesus Christ"
  • Friend of missional
  • The Gospel and Our Culture Network
  • Jesus Creed website/Scot McKnight’s blog
  • Lifeway Resources, Ed Stetzer (Missional Southern Baptists)
  • Mark Driscoll (missional, somewhat anti-emergent . . . )
  • Missional Church Network
  • TheOOZE (Spencer Burke, soularize, etc.) - "The desire of TheOOZE is to create environments where church leaders (traditional teachers/theologians as well as emerging storytellers/artists) can converse about and collaborate on resources and experiences for the broader faith community."
  • Open Source Theology (note: not “open theism”) - On-going theological conversation from around the world (truly diverse cross-cultural representation!) for, with and about emerging church leaders; "collaborative theology for the emerging church"
  • Redeemer Church; Manhattan, NY (Tim Keller, pastor)
  • Tall Skinny Kiwi (Andrew Jones’ blog and website)
LEAD 616 - Leadership Development
LEAD 711 - Missional Theology 2: Reconciliation and Redemption

Theology & History

  • Jesus Seminar - Jesus at 2000 e-mail debate which explored the significance of the historical Jesus for Christian faith
  • Early Christian Writings - an extensive collection of documents from the first two centuries of Christianity, with translations and commentary; includes the New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, and Church Fathers.
TH 521A - Missional Theology 1
LEAD 525 - World Christian History 1
TH 531A - World Christian History 1
LEAD 526 - World Christian History 2
TH 532A - World Christian History 2

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