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Library Policies

Library patrons are responsible for knowing and following the policies laid out below. If you have any questions not covered here, please contact the library staff.

Everyone is welcome to come use the library items and resources, including our online databases. However, borrowing privileges are reserved for the following groups:

  1. BTS Students (25 items at a time, off-campus database access). Need to bring their student/library card or some other form of photo ID
  2. BTS adjunct and resident faculty (unlimited items, off-campus database access)
  3. BTS staff, trustees, and board members (unlimited items, off-campus database access)
  4. BTS alums and un-enrolled students in good standing (15 items, on-campus database access). Should bring their old student/library card if they still have it, or some other form of photo ID.
  5. ATLA, SEPTLA, and TCLC affiliates (15 items, on-campus database access). Need to provide a current ID card and letter of introduction from their institution.
  6. Local pastors, chaplains, missionaries, and other leaders in Christian ministry (15 items, on-campus database access). Need to provide a current photo ID and an official document from their organization designating their position.

PLEASE NOTE: All circulating materials may be renewed once, and only once, for a time identical to the initial borrowing period.

  1. Microfiche, microfilm, periodicals, rare books, reference: until the library closes (up to one day), may not be renewed
  2. FOR RESIDENT FACULTY ON-CAMPUS USE ONLY: Reference materials: 1 week (2 weeks with renewal)
  3. Course reserves and periodicals: 1 week (2 weeks with renewal)
  4. All other items: 6 weeks (12 weeks with renewal)

We don’t charge fines for overdue items. Instead, you’ll receive email notices with an overdue warning and will have one week to return any relevant item(s). After one week, your account will be locked until all overdue items have been returned.

Also, please keep in mind that other patrons may request items you have checked out to be recalled. If this happens, you have 1 week to return the recalled item, after which it will be treated as an overdue item.

For any lost or damaged items, you have two options:
  1. You may buy a replacement copy of the item for the library, which must be exactly the same version of the item as the one you lost/damaged: date of publication, publisher, edition, and ISBN must be identical, and the copy must be in good condition. Once the library has received the item, your account will be unlocked and borrowing privileges restored.
  2. Or you may pay the cost of a replacement copy of the item (as determined by the library), plus a $15 processing fee. Once the library has received payment in full, your account will be unlocked and borrowing privileges restored.

The library gladly accepts book donations that meet the following criteria (no VHS or cassette tapes will be accepted):

  1. Content relates to biblical and/or theological studies, practical ministry, or counseling.
  2. Published after 1990, unless the item can be described as rare.
  3. In good physical condition inside and out (free of dirt and mold, highlighting, pen or pencil marks, or other damage).
  4. Tight spine and binding.
  5. Non-fiction (i.e. no novels, short stories, or poetry).

Please contact the library in advance, to discuss any items you wish to donate prior to bringing them so we can make sure someone will be here to assist you. (A hand-truck is available for large boxes.) Complete the Book Donation Information Form and provide it to the library for a signature at time of donation. If you do not bring the completed form with your donation, you will be asked to complete it when you arrive.

Donated materials being added to the collection will not have any usage restrictions. In addition, donated materials that are not added to the collection will be disposed of by the library in whatever manner deemed appropriate. Note: the library is not permitted by law to place a monetary value on the donation, nor does the library provide tax forms. The library also does not retain a copy of your completed Book Donation Information Form.

If you have any questions, please email or call Denise Baum at 215.368.5000 ext. 113.

  1. Login Rights and Responsibilities: Students are given a login account that allows use of the computer lab on the 2nd floor, and public computers in the library’s Bound Periodical Room. In addition, students are given a separate login account for the E-campus, our online learning system. Login accounts are for the sole use of the individual and are not to be used by family, friends, other students, etc. Guests who wish to use the computer facilities must speak with a member of the helpdesk staff, who will attempt to accommodate the need. Unauthorized use of an account or equipment is prohibited.
  2. Storage of Created Files: Electronic files that are generated for classes are the responsibility of the student. Storage of files on the school’s network is not permitted. If special circumstances arise, such as a required class activity, network access may be granted by the IT director. Use of secondary drives to store files is permissible only after the device has been scanned and approved by helpdesk personnel.
  3. Computers: The computer lab is equipped with a variety of computers and software for student use. In addition, a document scanner is available and several of the machines have CD and DVD burning capability. Students are not permitted to install any software on the lab computers or modify any of the cabling or equipment configurations.
  4. Printers: Students may use the printers in the computer lab, as well as the printer in the Bound Periodical Room. Each student has a debit account for printing. At the beginning of the fall semester, each registered student will have their annual account balance reset to $20.00 free of charge. Additional printing “top-off cards” may be purchased from IT or the library. Use of any other printers is prohibited. Students are not permitted to add or remove paper from the printers. Printers are not accessible from the wireless network.
  5. Printing Charges: Printing is charged at 5¢ per image for black, or 20¢ per image for color (double-sided printing counts as two images). For the student’s convenience, their account balance is displayed on the desktop when they log in at one of the computers in the student lab. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  6. Wireless Network: For students with wireless-equipped laptops, our wireless network provides the ability to access the internet from most locations in the main building. The wireless network is a shared, limited resource. Access to streaming audio and video should be limited to academic necessity only. Use of peer-to-peer files sharing, such as, but not limited to, Kazaa, Morpheus, Bittorrent, etc. is prohibited. Students who violate this policy may be blocked from network access. All internet traffic is monitored by our IT staff. Repeated violations may result in additional disciplinary measures.

Additional Services

Because the library has more to offer than just books.

Study Space

No matter your studying style, the library has something to offer: study carrels for individuals needing a quiet place to focus, large tables to spread out on, and conference rooms for groups of 2-6 people. (If you’d like to reserve a conference room, please let us know at least one day in advance.)

We also have free, password-protected WiFi. Ask the library circulation desk for help getting logged in.

Computer Lab

The Masland Technology Center contains 7 PCs running Windows 7, with MS Office 2007 and the Korean version of OpenOffice installed. There is one Windows 10 computer with the latest version of Bibleworks installed, and two iMacs.

Black-and-white and color printing is available (printer coupons may be purchased at the library circulation desk), as well as a flatbed scanner.

Headphones and USB sticks may be borrowed at the circulation desk.

Used Book Sale

The used book sale is open during normal library hours and includes books on a wide variety of topics: counseling, education, leadership, missions, biblical studies, theology, culture, and practical theology. We keep our prices low: $1.50 for all hardbacks and 75¢ for all paperbacks—except for the items in the “free” box.

The Used Book Store is stocked with discarded library books and donations - so if you have some books you’re finished with, consider donating them to us.


The library offers free test proctoring for local residents during regular library hours. Please contact us at least a week in advance so that we can assure staff coverage.

While we can provide periodic and irregular check-ins with the student and a publicly visible location for taking the exam, we can’t guarantee continuous monitoring or that a single staff member will be available the entire time. We can hold testing materials for up to a month, but the student must make all arrangements for the test materials to be delivered from and returned to the testing institution.

Research Help

Struggling with a research assignment? Don’t know the difference between “APA” and “MLA”? Not sure whether you have too many citations or too few? We’re happy to help:

  • Fine-tune a topic
  • Develop a strategy for finding the resources you need
  • Make sure your citations are in order

The library has a black-and-white copier/scanner available for public use, although we request 10¢ per page to cover costs. While the machine produces high-quality copies, it is not high-speed so we suggest taking any large job somewhere else.

The scanner mode automatically saves to multi-page PDFs. Library patrons may borrow USB sticks if needed.


Although the library does not bind books, we have a long-standing relationship with Wert Bookbinding. We are willing to include personal books with our bulk shipments, saving you the price of shipping. Generally, the price range for rebinding a book is $8.65 - $11.25, although that is subject to change. We don’t have a fixed schedule for shipments, and it takes about a month for an order to be processed and returned.

You can contact Meredith for more details or to make arrangements.

Coffee Bar

For your convenience, the library offers coffee and an assortment of tea, which can be brewed on request.

Food and beverages are allowed throughout the library, however, we trust our patrons to avoid spills. Please clean up after yourself before leaving.

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