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Electronic Transfer Instructions

To transfer securities to the seminary electronically you and your broker will need to:

Notify Biblical’s institutional advancement office of your intentions, either by phone, fax, or e-mail. This will help us identify, track, and acknowledge your gift.

    • Identify the stock you intend to transfer
    • Provide the number of shares and/or approximate dollar value
    • Provide the anticipated date of transfer
    • State any restriction on use of the gift

Give your broker specific instructions about the securities you are donating to Biblical Seminary.

Donor’s name: _____________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Name of security: ___________________________________________________

Number of shares: __________________________________________________

Date of transfer (approx.): ____________________________________________

Fund name/purpose: ________________________________________________

Give your broker the following transfer instructions so the securities can be transferred directly into the seminary’s brokerage account.

BTS Vanguard Brokerage Account #: 25222021
DTC #0062
Agent Bank #A4V874526

After the transfer is completed, a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to you.

Note – It is the policy of the seminary to immediately liquidate the securities.

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