Degree Programs Available at BTS

Thinking about pursuing a seminary education to strengthen your ministry? BTS offers many learning opportunities for degree seekers. Are you considering theological studies or professional pastoral education? Do you need advanced training in counseling or theological Advanced Cultural Studies classes to strengthen your English skills? BTS offers a variety of classes for a variety of vocational and continuing educational needs.

Online classes are offered throughout the year in theology and biblical studies. Courses vary from six to twelve weeks in duration and require weekly interaction with the professor and peers through discussion forums, collaborative activities, and online chatting. Students in the Master of Divinity or Master of Arts programs may take up to 30% of their program online.

"I attended two previous seminaries. The first was rigorous but that rigor didn't seem to engender much warmth. The second was warm but lacking in theological rigor. I found the best of both at BTS."

Greg Porter, President, The Daniel Foundation

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is the foundational degree for Christian vocation. BTS’s professors employ a missional hermeneutic to their approach to theological study and practice. Missional theology and biblical studies are integrated so students can grasp the great sweeping narrative of God’s redemption in every aspect of creation through Jesus Christ. BTS offers three main course tracks for the MDiv program.

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry degree program prepares men and women for advanced missional leadership so that they can effectively engage postmodern culture. The program requires a Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an accredited seminary or graduate school, plus a minimum of three years of full-time ministry experience after completion of an MDiv or ThM degree.

Master of Arts in Counseling

The Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program educates students in counseling from a distinctly Christian perspective and meets the needs of those preparing for various counseling ministries in the local church or para-church contexts or for those wishing to pursue professional counseling and licensure. Course titles and content address key professional counseling areas of study while maintaining a biblical and ministry focus.


Master of Arts, Biblical Studies

Our MA, Biblical Studies program provides in-depth studies of the Bible, in the original languages, from a missional perspective. Students choose from an Old Testament or a New Testament track to fulfill the 48 credits of the degree.

Master of Arts, Missional Theology

This 48-credit MA, Missional Theology program rigorously engages students in the theological and cultural ideas of our day, from a biblically missional perspective. Students will learn the key persons, ideas, and movements in the history of theology and the Christian tradition, along with their significance today.

Master of Arts in Ministry

The Master of Arts (MA) in Ministry degree at BTS prepares reflective practitioners, no matter who they are, to be engaged missionally in a variety of ministry settings. Any person who desires to lead a ministry within their community will be assisted by our core curriculum of practical theology, biblical studies, and theology. In addition, the flexibility of electives offered in this program allows you to custom tailor your education to meet your specific ministry need. MA in Minstry is available with the following concentrations:

  • Theology and Leadership
  • Counseling

"As someone who loves theology, I needed a place that encouraged me to discuss theology with others without requiring me to hold a specific, denominational position. So, BTS was that place for me. BTS is an evangelical seminary that encourages open dialogue around God's Word and the theological matters surrounding it. I didn't have to worry about "holding the party line;" rather, at BTS, I was simultaneously challenged by my professors and peers to think differently while always being treated as a valued member of the discussion."

Evan Curry, Pastor of Theology and Worship

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I simply attend one course?

Yes. An auditor may attend one or more classes for personal enrichment without receiving academic credit. The auditing student may participate in class functions at the discretion of the instructor, but will not be held accountable for tests or assignments.

Students may audit any course at BTS except Greek and Hebrew language courses and MAC Courses (unless the specific course has already been completed for credit). In addition, students may not audit a class and subsequently pursue advanced standing (with or without credit; e.g., credit by examination) for the same class.

Students may sign up to audit a class at any point in the term (the audit fee remains the same). Those who wish to change from audit to credit must do so before the end of the first week of classes.

Do you offer any courses online?

Yes. Several of the classes within each degree program are offered online. The only exception is the Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) degree program, which does not offer any courses online. However, many of the CAPC classes are available online. We also have two online certificates in the following areas:

Our admissions department is always available to assist you and answer any question that you might have regarding our programs and the application process.
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