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In these economic times, is there really an affordable education available to everyone? Probably not, however, we believe that no qualified student should be discouraged from pursuing a seminary degree for merely financial reasons. Whether that is accomplished through standard financial aid, various student payment options, or through the many scholarship, grant, and entitlement options, BTS will work with each individual student to create a plan that will allow you to realize your goals.

Here's How BTS Can Help You Afford Seminary:

Full and Half-Time Students:

  • Flexible Payments Plans
  • Government Loan Information
  • BTS's grant and scholarship programs
  • 50% spouse discount while the other spouse attends full-time

Less than half-time students:

  • Flexible Payments Plans
  • 50% spouse discount while the other spouse attends full-time

First Course Students:

  • $100.00 off your first course by attending an info night or campus visit

Alumni Benefit:

  • 25% tuition entitlement for son, daughter, and/or spouse of alumni pursuing a degree
  • 25% tuition discount for an alum returning for a second degree

Missionaries Raising at least 50% of their support:

Foreign and domestic missionaries and campus ministry leaders who provide a letter from the sending agency will receive a 25% entitlement.

Financial Aid Application:

The BTS financial aid application is required when applying for any assistantship, grant, entitlement, or scholarship from BTS. Please read the financial aid application carefully. A financial aid application cannot be processed unless all required documentation accompanies it.

Student Payment Plan Options:

  1. Payment in full for each term is to be made on or before the first day of class for the term. Payment can be made in cash, check, and 3rd party check, and/or credit card [We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express].
  2. We offer a monthly payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions' FACTS online where automatic payments would be processed on either the 5th or 20th of each month from a checking or savings account or applied to a credit card. There is a Nelnet Business Solutions enrollment fee of $25 per semester or $45 annually for this service. E-cashier for FACTS.
  3. Student loans are available for half-time and full-time students through the Title IV Direct Loan Program. Please go to to complete your application. BTS’s school code is G23230-00.

Detailed Information Regarding Scholarships, Grants, Entitlements, and Other Benefits

Our students receive awards, scholarships, and grants from a wide variety of sources. Before applying for financial aid, BTS expects each student to supply his or her financial obligations through personal funds saved for education and by building a personal support network. A personal support network may include the student’s home church, denomination, people to whom the student has ministered, friends, family, clubs, and foundations. We have established the financial aid program outlined below to supplement students’ own financial resources.


Students with a demonstrated financial need who are enrolled in a degree program for at least 21 credit hours per year may be eligible for a grant.


From time to time scholarships become available which are managed through our financial aid grant application process. Our finance committee reviews current student files and recommends qualifying students for special scholarships.


A foriegn or domestic missionary is entitled to a twenty-five percent (25%) tuition discount if he or she is sponsored by a recognized sending agency. A missionary is required to provide a letter from the sponsoring organization that confirms the missionary’s status. Those currently serving in campus ministry who are responsible for raising 50% or more of their finances also receive the missionary entitlement. A letter from the sponsoring organization that confirms this status is required.

The child or spouse of a BTS alum who is a graduate of a degree program is entitled to a twenty-five percent (25%) tuition discount. In addition, the spouse of a full-time student is entitled to a fifty percent (50%) tuition discount.

Veterans Benefits

As an accredited school, BTS is recognized by the Veterans Administration. To determine eligibility, students should contact a regional VA office.

Below are a list of websites that offer helpful information for veterans seeking benefits:

FACTS/Nelnet Payments(by program)

Monthly payments under the FACTS/Nelnet Tuition Management System will be automatically deducted from a named bank account or automatically charged to a credit card on the 5th or 20th of each month. FACTS/Nelnet accepts all major credit cards. FACTS/Nelnet does charge a processing fee of $25 per term or $45 per year on all agreements. The amount and length of your monthly tuition payment plan will vary according to your program as listed below. Please contact the Business Office to sign up for this option.

Non-Cohort Students
  • 12 equal payments for each year
    you are enrolled in the program
LEAD Students
  • 32 equal payments
Counseling Students
  • 22 equal payments

Student Loans

BTS participates in Title IV Direct Loans. If you are enrolled at least half -time and are in need of a student loan please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA] online at BTS’s school code is G23230.

Financial Aid FAQ's

Contact Financial Aid

Ginny Hartman,
Financial Aid Coordinator
215-368-5000 x141

Office hours
Monday thru Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Contact Admissions

800.235.4021 x146

215.368.5000 x146

215.368.4913 (fax)

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