My friend who served at another seminary is on her way home to Jesus.

I remember how years ago she sought me out to connect as two sisters doing kingdom business. We met over lunch. There was not a hint of competitive spirit between us.  We shared a heart to see God glorified by finding ways we could serve each other.

God provided an opportunity for me to serve her first. She asked me to come to her seminary to do a couple of presentations to students on how to do an effective résumé. What a joy it was to know that I might be used to help her ministry students get employment.

She served me next by connecting me to a group of women ministry leaders.  The connection led to ministry fruit that continues to grow to this day.  She and I coordinated our schedules so that we could travel a couple of times to Florida on the same plane and I still chuckle over our silliness at the airport.  

It was my turn again.  I coached her into a new work position where I knew she would thrive. I attended her ministry open house after she successful landed the job.  I then wanted her to serve beside me in a campus ministry initiative.  But the cancer beast had begun tearing down her body and she couldn’t commit.  I wanted to hire her part-time so that she didn’t have to work a full schedule. But by that time the cancer beast had grown in power and she had to say no.

As I reflect on our relationship, I count it a privilege to have observed her peace and strong faith through the awfulness of the disease. It is nothing short of inspirational.

Safe passage, friend.

Pam Smith is the Vice President for Student Advancement at Biblical Seminary and also instructs in our counseling program in the areas of career and coaching. Email Pam at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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