Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program at BTS

Are you engaged in ministry and looking for ways to equip yourself with the skills needed to continue reaching your community? BTS offers advanced studies that train men and women to become practical, advanced missional leaders in their churches and ministries. Regardless of whether you are in ministry professionally or a lay leader, our courses will help you gain a robust knowledge of theology, culture, and along with the tools to gain the wisdom to become an effective leader.

Whether you are looking to develop a theology of cities based on Scripture, reinvigorate an established church or organization, or learn to interpret Scripture in a way that leads to effective communication, our Doctor of Ministry program offers exciting and challenging courses.

At BTS, all of our courses are geared to incarnate and communicate the story of Jesus with humility and authenticity. We strive to foster an environment where our students will develop the commitment, skills, capacities, and transferable habits to be effective missional leaders.

“BTS’s DMin program has better equipped me to minister in diverse contexts as well as to dig deep in conversation about very sensitive issues. I love the diverse context that BTS provides in the program because it brings an added richness to the table as issues are unpacked and discussed.”

Kevin Pugh, DMin Candidate

Overview of the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program

The Doctor of Ministry program is a professional program intended for men and women actively engaged in full time Christian ministry. The twenty-four credit program takes a minimum of three years to complete, with most students taking four years to graduate. The program provides an advanced understanding and integration of ministry in relation to missional theology, ecclesiology, and careful study of issues related to culture and context.

Students develop advanced skills and competencies for missional leadership and complete a doctoral-level project that contributes new knowledge and understanding of the practice of ministry. The program seeks to foster spiritual, professional, and vocational competencies that enable missional leaders to be sensitive and responsive to the contexts of their ministries.

Why pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree?

The DMin degree is a professional degree that advances ministry expertise and leadership. The equivalent of the Doctor of Ministry in other professions are, for example, Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD), and Doctor of Psychology (PsyD).

Pastors with the DMin degree have demonstrated the ability to reflect on advanced theological and biblical studies and apply them to the challenges of church leadership in their specific context. Earning an advanced professional degree such as the DMin means that the students have prepared themselves to accept new challenges and opportunities for the Kingdom and as the Spirit leads.

Why Biblical Theological Seminary's Doctor of Ministry Degree?

The BTS DMin program offers the following advantages:

  • Week long residential courses are done in a learning community to maximize holistic personal development.
  • Course calendar fits busy ministry schedules.
  • Program can be completed in as little as 36 months.
  • Applied research project is done in your ministry context.
  • A project team is assigned to each student.
  • Ministry application is immediately possible.
  • Students are other ministry Professionals.
  • Faculty are experienced ministry practitioners.
BTS's DMin program has given me a new set of missional eyes to see the bible, culture, and ministry in a perspective that has forever changed me.

Paul Chi, DMin Candidate

In addition, BTS is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools of the United States and Canada and by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Doctor of Ministry Curriculum

Core Courses - 12 Credits

  • Course DM 911 - Mission of God - Mission of Christ's Church
  • Course DM 912 - Missional Theology
  • Course DM 913 - Missional Leadership Formation
  • Course DM 914 - Cultural Interpretation and Engagement

Organizational Leadership Track - 12 Credits

This track provides students with the skills and competencies needed to turn around, reinvigorate, and propel established churches and organizations into more effective ministries that are strategically positioned for missional engagement in the 21st century.

  • Course 922 - Change Dynamics: Leading an Organization Through Change
  • Course 923 - Re-Missioning the Established Church
  • Courses 931A, 932A - Project Modules
  • Course 933A - Project Completion Module

Urban Missiology Track - 12 Credits

This track challenges students to develop a theology of cities based on the Scriptures. Students will discover how migration, global technology, and the removal of residential barriers have flattened how we view the world. Students will expand their cultural exegesis as they explore urban communities both locally and globally.

  • Course 918 - Mission in Global Cities
  • Course 919 - The Church and Mission in an Urban Global World
  • Courses 926, 927 - Project Modules
  • Course 929 - Project Completion Module

Biblical Exposition Track - 12 Credits

This track equip interpret Scripture in a way that leads to effective and compelling teaching, preaching, and communication to move God’s people into God’s mission. It focuses on the pastor as biblical interpreter and communicator, and seeks to empower ministry leaders to envision, interpret, teach, and preach the gospel with clarity and conviction within their cultural contexts.

  • Course 924 - Communication in Context
  • Course 925 - Christotelic Hermeneutic
  • Courses 931a, 932a - Project Modules
  • Course 933a - Project Completion Module

Total Required Credits: 24

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Course Workload and Length of the DMin Program

Residency weeks are scheduled so that students can prepare pre-course work before coming to campus. Typically 1500 pages of assigned reading required and twenty-five pages of written assignments precede the residency week. The post-residency is typically fifty pages of written assignments and is due within six weeks of the residency week.

Some students may be required to take propaedeutic courses. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details.

The Doctor of Ministry Degree (DMin) can be completed in as little as three years, or up to six years. The vast majority of our students complete the program within four years of starting. Courses are offered at specific times to allow any student to complete the program at a pace that fits into a busy life schedule. Below is a sample of what the program looks like over the course of four years:

“I can't imagine leading the church without the education I received at BTS. Studying both the theological underpinnings of the missional conversation and the essential leadership principles for leading a missional church has been invaluable.”
Kirk Belmont, DMin 2011

How can the DMin Program help you?

  • Allows you to learn more about your own church, how to effectively lead it in a changing culture, and how to help it grow.
  • Broadens your exposure to churches and ministries in other parts of the U.S. and internationally as you will be studying with students from many different locations, cultures, and ethnicities.
  • BTS’s DMin students report that their DMin program gave them new perspectives, new ministry colleagues, and new approaches to ongoing challenges.
  • Many BTS DMin graduates have found new opportunities as a result of their studies and project research, such as serving on non-profit boards, starting a local ministry effort, teaching as adjunct faculty in seminaries and Christian colleges, publishing articles and books, and becoming requested speakers in churches, conferences, and Bible colleges internationally

Am I Eligible?

Admission to the DMin degree requires a completed MDiv degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution and three years of ministry experience subsequent to the first theological degree. Students who are interested in the DMin program and who have a graduate degree but not hold the MDiv degree may qualify for the DMin program by completing a pre-doctoral course of study. MDiv equivalency is defined as broad based work in theology, biblical studies, and the arts of ministry and that include a master’s degree and significant ministerial leadership. Applicants must complete all elements of the application forms and process.

Our admissions department is always available to assist you and answer any question that you might have regarding our programs and the application process.

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Financial Aid for Doctor of Ministry Students

While the DMin program is not part of Biblical Seminary's graduate level grant program, Biblical does offer the following 25% tuition discount entitlements:

  • An alumnus(a) who has completed a Master of Divinity degree at Biblical Seminary
  • A domestic or international missionary who is required to raise a minimum of 50% of his/her support.
  • The spouse, son, or daughter of an alumnus(a) who has completed a degree of any kind at Biblical Seminary

A 50% entitlement applies for the spouse of a full-time student.

As a way of encouraging the student's church or parachurch organization to support his/her endeavors in the DMin program Biblical Seminary will grant a one-third discount to a student whose church or organization commits to make payments on behalf of the DMin student in the amount of one third of tuition charges. Participation in this matching program reduces the tuition cost to the student by two-thirds.

(Please note that those students who opt for the church matching program are not eligible to receive the entitlement discounts listed above.)

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