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Certificate in Advanced Professional Counseling

The Certificate in Advanced Professional Counseling (CAPC) is designed for any student with a completed master's-level degree in counseling who desires to pursue licensure and is in need of more credits or courses. Prospective students must have a completed MA in Counseling with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Any person seeking entry into the CAPC must also complete an application that includes an official transcript from an accredited graduate institution. See application for more information.

Application for this certificate is open each term. Please apply using our online application system, or the forms linked on this page.

The design of BTS’s Certificate in Advanced Counseling program allows exposure to a variety of counseling topics, with a focus on practical application and higher-order thinking skills. I'm really impressed by the dedication and care for the students, and the way instructors shepherd to teach shepherding, and counsel to teach counseling.

Beiye Gu CAPC, 2013

What are the Requirements for Licensure in PA?

The primary license for master’s-level counselors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) credential (enacted in 1998). To obtain this license, individuals need to complete 60 graduate hours in a counseling-related program of study and 3000 hours of supervised postgraduate work, and pass a national counseling exam. Details can be found on our Licensure page.

Please note that the practice and testing requirements for licensure will be the student’s responsibility after graduation. While BTS makes every effort to stay abreast of licensing changes, our primary goal is to train and educate wise, godly counselors for kingdom work. Those seeking licensure in their jurisdiction need to take personal responsibility to ensure that BTS’s program meets their needs.

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See how the BTS Graduate School of Counseling can help with obtaining licensure in other states:


Should prospective CAPC students also need to enroll in BTS’s fieldwork courses and complete the requisite practicum and internship experiences (i.e., MAC 520, 600, and 610), they will need to provide the following to their admissions counselor:

1. Evidence of completion of a course equivalent

Evidence of completion of a course equivalent to MAC 510 Helping Relationships and MAC 525A, Ethics and Professional Orientation. If you have not taken an equivalent course, you will be required to take it at BTS prior to starting fieldwork.

2. Full-session Video

A full-session video exhibiting your counseling skills. You and your counselee must complete this Video Consent and Evaluation Form and submit it with the video. Please submit the video on a DVD or USB drive.

3. Written Reference from Faculty Member

A written reference by a counseling faculty member from your graduate institution explaining why you did not complete fieldwork at this institution (e.g., none available) and that the faculty member would heartily endorse you as fit for clinical practice. This is in addition to the Academic/Professional Reference Form included in the CAPC application.

4. Background Checks

Criminal and child abuse background checks for your state will need to submitted. Click here to review the guidelines.

5. Obtain Liability Insurance

Obtain liability insurance (1mil/1mil) or provide a copy of your current personal liability insurance. If you need liability insurance click here and apply for either mental health counselor or clergy/pastoral counselor (your preference based on population you are counseling).

6. Complete an Interview

Complete an interview with the Graduate School of Counseling (Admissions will arrange this for you).

The counseling department may require a live mock counseling session (done with the director) to evaluate further your readiness for fieldwork. Those students with skill deficits may first be required to take MAC 510 prior to enrollment in MAC 520, 600, and/or 610. Those students accepted into these courses recognize that BTS does not guarantee field placements. All students are responsible for procuring field sites meeting BTS's minimum criteria.

7. After Acceptance

Once you are accepted into CAPC-Fieldwork you will need to complete internship paperwork. No one is permitted to start accruing hours or start the Fieldwork courses until paperwork is submitted and approved by the MAC Fieldwork Coordinator. You can email the Fieldwork Coordinator for more information.

Courses Available for CAPC During the 2016-17 Academic Year

Online Courses:

  • MAC802a - Research & Program Evaluation - available Fall 2016: Oct. 31 - Dec. 18 (Register by October 14)
  • MAC803a - Social & Cultural Diversity - available Winter 2017: Jan. 3 - Feb 12 (Register by December 16)
  • MAC801a - Psychological Assessment - available Spring 2017: April 10 - May 28 (Register by March 31)
  • MAC804a - Career & Lifestyle Development - available Summer 2016: June (Register by March 31)

On Campus Courses:

  • MAC510 - Helping Relationships - available Fall 2016: Sept. 12 – Dec. 12 (Register by August 31)
  • MAC500 - Human Development - available Fall 2016: Oct. 31 – Dec. 12 (Register by October 14)
  • MAC805 - Group Counseling - available Spring 2017: Feb. 20 – Mar. 27 (Register by February 10)

Available Fieldwork / Clinical Instruction

  • MAC520 - Practicum & Professional Experience (Not offered again until Spring 2018)
  • MAC525a - Ethics and Professional Orientation Online - Winter 2017: January 3 - February 12
  • MAC600 - Internship & Professional Seminar - available Fall 2016: September 12 - December 12 (Register by August 31)
  • MAC610 - Internship & Professional Seminar - available Spring 2017: February 20 - May 22 (Register by December 16)

Additional Notes:

  • Fieldwork hours done prior to starting fieldwork at BTS will not be accepted.
  • MAC600 and MAC610 includes 700 clock hours of internship by completing both fall & winter semesters.
  • BTS welcomes online students from outside of Pennsylvania. Different states have various authorization requirements for institutions offering distance education to their residents. BTS cannot register students in online courses who live in certain states. Please email the Academic Department for more information.


Whether you are looking for more information regarding a program, scheduling a visit, starting the application process, or just wanting to talk to someone about your dreams, our admissions department is always available to assist you and answer any question that you might have.

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